Trip Chili 2004-2005


Hye from Futa, North Patagonia,

Now, it’s big water time, shiiiit. No times to shit your pants, just take the middle line and hang on.


Futalufue, bridge to bridge part.

The pillow, an s-bend rapid, Birdy coming down (right side), another paddler down next to the hole, the yellow blade (left side).

Mundaka, grrrr, the monster that eats you alive, wave train from right side of picture to the left. At the left side is the biggest collapsing wave, you can just see my paddle blade.

Bob, our paddle friend in Futa. Thanks to Debs for doing the shuttles, the breakfast, the diners at Fico’s and the great company.

This is one of the best play spots on the Futa, aerial is no problemo. Sven did a nice cali roll on there, I just did some front surfing … why… big hole behind waiting to eat youuuu alive.


The Terminator section

No can do, I didn't had the balls to run Terminator. It’s a pretty big rapid,  to give you an idea, something like the big rapids on the Zambezi or the Colorado. You see me taking the chicken line here.

I took some old school pics from Sven and Bob running Terminator center line, as soon as they are developed, I’ll put some online.

The next rapid is Himalayas, the biggest wave train around. Just popping over the second wave, yeehaaa.

All pics taken by Sven Joos. The low quality is due to the internet café which didn’t had the wright programs to put this stuff online, here in Chili.


The two last days we ran the Casa de Piedra part in the Canyon Inferno. Hey man, no bien, no good, a bit too big for me, so fucking scared, must run class 5 big volume rapids in my little Pyranha S6 was a bit too much for me, but I made it. Some of the rapids, no scouting possible, just listen to Sven, “center line, stay away from the eddy’s” or “start left, pass the big hole on your right, then go right and pass the even bigger hole on the left”. Once your in there, you just get white water in your eyes, huge waves hitting you, big holes passing you and all of them trying to flip you. No bien. So 2 swims followed, one at the end of Casa de Piedra, the last wave was to much, stupid place to swim because it was the last wave and flat water followed, so ouffff.

The other swim was at the entry rapid of the canyon, got the right line at the start, but had to roll, came totally wrong side, result, flirted with the wall of the cayon, even ‘kind of squashed against it. But a very bad place to swim, big gorge, more smaller waves coming. But I got got out well just before the next big rapid, thanks to Bob, and after drinking half the river. Sven got the boat, myself the paddle and off we were again, for some more must-run-class 5… shit.

That was Futa. The bridge to bridge part, is scary the first day, but then feels good. Good to get used to big water.  It was nice to have paddled the other parts, but they were at the limits of my paddling. I think you can learn it, but you need to paddle lots of big water, ‘kind of difficult in Belgium J.


Boats in the bus. Time to go back, snif, snif, …

Back still a  week to go in Pucon, paddling and party time¡¡¡¡¡¡


    from Chili.

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