This is a nice little river in the North of France where there often is a water release. It's not difficult nor spectacular, but nice to paddle in the beginning of the paddle season, early autumn, when it's not too cold out there. So pretty nice to take on with beginners.

The scenery is great, multi coloured autumn leaves, hanging all around, that's of course if you paddle before the first autumn storms.

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France (North), Ardennes

31 oct. 2004

Grade II




















They release a nice water level, but still it's a little river where the bottom in never far away. So when a beginner rolls over, he can often push off on the bottom.

As for playboating potential, this is no good news. Of course there are plenty of smurf surfs, little holes where you can try a 360, but no real big playspots, too shallow.

At the start there're some nice S-bends, like the normal rivers in the Ardennes. Then there are some pretty straight forward stretches, deep enough to do some 'soleils'. Then you go back between the trees, s-bending to the end.

The little bridge at the end

How to get there?

The get-in is the road bridge between Les Mazures and Bourg-Fidèle. Get a good road map. Do not get in higher, there are some problems with the locals living along the river. So do NOT get in at the Lac des Vieilles Forges.

The get-out is only accessable when there is a water release, otherwise the gates are closed. From Revin drive to Rocroi, before you see the lake and the dam, there is a little path with gate at you're left side that takes you to the dam of the Bassin de Whitaker. Drive over the dam, follow right, along the lake. After 1 km or so you get at the parking near the little bridge.

Bassin de Whitaker

You can find the water release dates at the French Kayak and Canoe Federation.

And go to 'Lâchers d'eau', Faux.

You can find some pictures taken on the water on the RBKC-website - Faux 31-10-2004.



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