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If you want to sell your boat online, send a mail. If it is sold, give a sign and mail so I can take it off.

Be sure you submit at least the brand, type, color, age, (description) and where to mail to.

- Snap Dragon Spatdek

- Spatdek / robe / skirt
- Merk: Snap Dragon (
- Type: Armotex (kevlar ingewoven)
- Taille: small (Birdy's taille)

- Kuipgat: small bvb voor Riot

- Splinternieuw, nooit gebruikt
- wegens verkoop Riot Disco
- contact: Birdy via <kayakbirdy at scrarlet.be >

- Neopreen botjes

- Merk: White boots
- Maat 9 / 43

- Merk: White boots (Canadees) - kleur zwart
- Titanium neopreen met rubber zool en neus
- Splinternieuw, nooit gebruikt
- wegens toch iets te klein
- contact: Birdy via <
kayakbirdy at scrarlet.be>


Make sure whenever you buying a boat, that you can read the serial number and that the seller can prove he bought the boat by showing/giving the original invoice or the one where he bought the boat from. Make a new invoice with the names buyer, seller..


Stolen / Gestolen / Volé

in and around Belgium


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in and around Belgium

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