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   River: Ourthe   Place: Sauheid   Date: aug.- sept. 2002



Summer playboating.

Two small video's of a random run on a playboating afternoon summer 2002.

Baudouin in the Wavesport EZ and Steven in the Pyranha Sub7. Both boats around 2m, low volume flat ends, that make them turn smoothly in the water curtain.


video mpg 264 kB

video mpg 808 kB

Linking the first cartwheel to the second.
You clearly see from picture 3 to 7, that while the nose of the boat is out of the water, he quickly turns the paddle around. The paddle is back flat on the water, ready for the next cartwheel, before the nose hits the water. Doing this he also turns the upper body around, but he keeps on looking upstream!

Pictures and vids by Baudouin, thanks!


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