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   River: Ourthe   Place: Sauheid   Date: 21 aug. 2004   Level: Angleur 40 m3


40m3 in summer, water level is very high, but amazingly very good. Probably because the barage downstream Mava is open. Normally the hole becomes flat around 40 m3, but with the barage open the level is great.

Without the boards it was a nasty sucker, where two of us took some nasty beating, Vic... even got trashed 'till he swam.
But we managed to put the boards upstream in such a way that we've got a perfect V-shaped tongue of water coming down the barrage.


Summer 2004

This time Mava is not a sucking 'rappel', but a hole where you do your tricks upto 2 meter downstream the barage.

Victor is throwing cleans all the way, I actually get to link several cartwheels in my Disco, great feeling. Damien, the French guy, is still getting used to his Disco and learns to cartwheel. Jean-Francois rides Mava once more before getting ready to return to those little smurf waves in Montreal, Canada.

Here's Victor getting warmed up. (Mpg-vid 5 mB)

Below, Damien over throws a cartwheel.


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