South-Germany / Austria

   Mittelwald, May-June 2000


   Isar, Rissbach, Inn, Loisach 




This was a fine weekend early June. Chris, Rews club member, organized this trip for the average white water paddler. No extreme white water stuff, but mostly grade  III - IV,  just relaxed paddling, although every now and then a more adventurous stretch. 

The first day we did the Upper-Isar, you get to see some very beautiful places over there.  But we made no pickies.

The second day we did the Rissbach from Hinterriss 'till passed the 'Klamme'. There are 2 grade 4-ish passages, the Kurvesstein and the Schrägeribben.  Both passages that need some scouting, arguing which  line would be the best. But eventually all lines did great, so no problems. We also saw an Italian club pass by there. Jzeeeezes mamma mia, .... , you don't wanna hear them arguing about the lines they were gone chose, what a noise :-)

First you see Martin, then Piet and finally Pol pass by the Schrägeribben.  Pol took it on a very original way, that is ... upside down. Strange way, check the picture and he's still in the boat, but didn't stay there long.  At least his boat got cleaned after being storaged for 3 years in a sheep's stable.

I also played a bit, some good surf waves, made some wonderful cartwheels and spins.

At the end, when we went through the Klamme  Martin also decided to have a swim, but that wasn't such a good idea. Because if you miss the get-out, you get down a 4 meter fall, then a 8 meter one than a .... need I go on? It's something gradish VI. But he got out in time, just his boat went on, but it got recirculated in the first 4-m fall. Luckily we managed to get it out after 20 minutes.



The next day we did the Inn from Imst. Meter high waves but again no problems, just avoid some big holes. When I decided to play around a bit in a nice hole, I got flipped in it and bashed my head very badly. The metal facial mask got dented and the boulders that held it,  pierced themselves in me head. Bloody joke, one inch cut, butcher-doctor, no more paddling for me.


So next day mountain biking and taking pic's on the Loisach. 

Above is Chris slaloming between the big boulders. Along is Martin pulling himself through a stopper at the start 

Here are Chris and Piet squeezing themselves through  the 'Keyhole'. Three days before, after some heavy rain, the rock you see on the right, was almost flooded. It was a nice grade V passage  back then.

Just passed the 'Keyhole', Piet going,  Pol (in the back) dipping himself, bloody warm weather.

Finally here's Martin again  at the 'Steppenraum'(?), clean flatspinning this hole, naaa, joke, he's just paddling through. I would be  dreaming if these guys would ever stop at a wave for a bit of playboating, but who knows maybe some day...


back to base !

Rissbach pic's made by Bibian, Loisach pic's by Birdy