This picture once was

T h i s   w e e k s' 
  s p e c i a l   p i c t u r e

and the following 27 weeks ?


Rumors travel that Corran Addison did this fall when he lived in Belgium. This made it quite notorious. And 'cause it has seldom water, not many people could dispute this.
But when we passed by, after a  little rain shower, it kind of didn't look that impressive, so hé why not... Next thing I remember I was sitting on top of the fall with some tourists smiling at me . And off I went, booooofffffffing down. Once you 're succesfully over the edge, there ain't nothing to it, in no seconds you 're down.
Just two man, wash and go, quietly,   one minute in, one minute out, great little bandit run, hé Steven !!!

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