Part One Eifel Rodeo

16-17 October, Wässerfälle in Irrel, Germany

We had a great time there, lots of people,
sunny day and lots of fun, more water
would have been nice. Sadly we couldn't
be there on Sunday for the competition.

start off (Not that we would have been much of a
competition for all those great paddlers
out there)

That's why all pictures were taken Saturday during practice.

Steven, Frank, Antione and Bert paddling with Ruth, Mimi and Plopsy enjoying from REWS-club Gent

undercutting Nice to see so many other paddlers, Fokiwa team with ies and Paul and lots of other Dutch paddlers, lots of kids from Neuss, also the little guy flatwheeling in his perception JIB, the Pingo guys form Antwerp 'still sober',  and many others ...

The competition on Sunday was won by Jochen Letmann, you can find the other results and more pic's on the White Water Warriors - Team Fokiwa Site.

going for the wheel Here 's Frank having a go, paddling Francis' Zwo, in the spot just underneath the bridge halfway the Wasserfälle.

It's a great spot but it isn't the easiest, you really have to know it very good to find it's soft spot. Usually I always end up hitting the rock just after the drop.

wheeeeeeeelll !!!! frank smiling



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all waiting
All waiting in the eddy under the bridge.


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