France, July 2002

Birdy Fliesssss



Summer surfing on the Rabioux in France.

Nice fast wave divided in two parts.
Left-hand is a small wave, shoulder on the left,
right-hand, a giant pit, really fast wave, big shoulder on the right

    Surf, surf, ...  


Setting up a blunt on the little left shoulder, not a lot of speed , so easy to do.
    Setting up a blunt  




And then ... yeehaa... blunty blunt
You had to be quick, so you didn't flush off, the stopper wasn't very big.

    Yeehaa blunty blunt ...  



Back surfing and spinning in the big pit on the right-hand. This is really fast and hard to control.

Blunts in the big pit were possible on the right-hand shoulder. But that isn't my best side, so the ones I did were pretty flat, so called round-the-house.

    Backsurf and spinning  


  This is one week later, after a flood on the Guil river, the water going down but still brownish. The level of the Durance is still higher then the week before (see previous pics). But the wave is good, only much more nervous. Now there's a pit on both sides.


Maybe the picture doesn't show it very good, but this guy is ripping off aireal blunts just like that. You could hear a slurping sound of him taking off and a plop when he hitted the water again. (Don't know who it is, but he had something written on his back saying 'British freestyle team' and probably a junior.)

    Aireal blunt  



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Pic's made by Manuela, Baudouin and the last by Birdy