France, surfing


The snow in the Ardennes has melted but it didn't rain enough. So no big water levels on the little creeks. We're past 15 march, the Belgian white water river season is closed. So we're off to the lower playspots.

Went to St-Valery, the wave was on, not too big, but ok.

The wave upstream was ok, but not the giant that we're used. It had enough mousse, about 40 cm, but not a lot of green water in front. Did some spinning, surfing and round-the-house stuff.

The second wave had also enough mousse to do the usual surfing, spinning, side surfing. There were no big shoulders, so blunting wasn't easy, but possible.


Ralph going for the blunt, yeeeeh.... nooo. Way to go, keep spinning.


If you wanna go, here are the time tables for the tides, march 2004.

If you're there in april, take a picture of it and mail it, I'll put it online for everyone.



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