This picture once was
T h i s   w e e k s'   s p e c i a l   p i c t u r e
and the next 27 weeks ? 
Stura Di Ala

Because the previous pic of the week was way to long online. I 've taken an old picture to be the next, only by lack of new pics.

This one was taken during our Euro-trip last summer. It shows Piet on a drop on the Stura Di Ala. This is a little river in a very quiet and peaceful valley in the Italian Alps. Other paddlers on this steepcreecking-trip were Antione, Philippe, Chris and Birdy, all Belgian.

Normally it's a grade V run, but being end of july, there wasn't a lot of water, so it probably was a IV. That's also why we couldn't do the steepest part with drops over 7 and 12 meter. 

Héhé, ... , lucky me.

It sure was fun, but painful if you made a mistake, ... and we all made some....aaaarrrrrrgghhhh. 

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