Topo Vénéon Trophée from the tmt-site

 11 -12 september '99, La Bérarde, France




After a all-night-party, tasting  the local liquor, falling off the stage, improvising a band, telling the usual grade-6-stories and finding the tent  by the dawnlight, 

follows  The beginning !!! 

Wake up, party 's over, ... 

 a gently take off
and then pure action
The race
on  the 'rapides photographe'
side by side jumping down..... 
yehaaaa, Birdy flies ?
(last week's picture) 
take a deeeep breath...
reaching the end, 

having  a river-party 

and doing some riverpogo

and finally, 

mules going to heaven

don't mind a 20-minute portage out the gorge. 
from the tmt-site

if anybody would like to translate this in french or german or ...  , mail it, and I'll put it on
More info on the event, surf to the site => Topo Malafosse -Vénéon Trophée 
Thanks to Olivier(Veurne)  from who I borrowed the topo.
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