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    World Freestyle Kayak Championships 2001

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This the spot where the Worlds' are planned. It's on the same place where last years spot was, they 'kind of reconstructed it. The new one has a hole in the middle and waves on the sides. And seeing the guy above blunting, makes it look like a pretty nice wave.

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Didn't find much info 'bout the new spot so I mailed around a bit to Spain. I got a few replies from Serrano, Agus and these wonderful pics from Ariaz. They also described the spot a bit. Looks nice.

Thanks guys.

In the middle there's a big stopper. And at lower waterlevels it's pretty sticky, wonderful to get a great bashing.

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The spot should really become good when the water rises a bit. But hopefully it doesn't get flushed away by a spring flood, like last year.

Hope the spot is as great as it looks and the worlds' turn out to be great and spectacular.

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