Agenda 2001  
  agenda 2000
13 - 17 April weekend in Sault-Brenaz (Fr) I'm off paddling with some friends on the ww-course, Isla de la Serre. Fokiwa will also be there for a test boating weekend.
27 April - 1 April Fokiwa Tour Team Fokiwa paddling in Spanish Pyrenees, more info on the Fokiwa-site
  19 - 20 May Platting Rodeo (Germany)
3 - 5 June Briançon FeSteve Alpes Kayak Paddle festival in memory of Steve, paddle in group grade III-IV, head to head race, ... Visit their site.
14-15-16 June  Lofer Rodeo (Austria) Top class rodeo event, lots of great white water around.
23 -24 June  Mava Rodeo Belgian Rodeo contest on the spot in Sauheid (near Tilff & Liège) by the local club Mava. Saturday:  20:00 BBQ, 22:00 Rodeofun by night. Sunday: Rodecontest.
25 June - 1 July  World Freestyle Kayak Championships The best of the world competing in Sort, Spanish Pyrenees, on the Noguera Pallaresa, more info.
6 - 7 July  Below the bridge - Silz Rodeo (Austria)
11 - 12 August  Sault Brenight Fever Rodeo on the ww-course Isle de la Serre at Sault-Brenaz 
3 - 5 August Rabioux River Festival (Fr) At the Rabioux or in Lyon at Hawaii-sur-Rhone. 
26 - 27 August  Thun Rodeo (S)
Sat. 8 September  Dutch Playboating Challenge Playboat happening in Oss (Nl) between Nijmegen and s'Hertogenbosch, flatwater performance and freestyle behind a To-boat, more info on MKV-site
Sat. 8 September  Rews Fakkeltocht Gent Paddling with torches by night trough the Mideval center of the city. 18u30-24u00
7 - 9 September  Eiskanal Rodeo Augsburg (G)
More info, mail to Lothar_Schmid@yahoo.com
  15 - 16 September Topo Vénéon Trophee (Fr) Paddle meeting (Fr) for those who like to paddle high Alpine creeks and loooove to party. (TVT-site). 
29 - 30 September Rally of the Warche (B)
Open Belgian Kayak Descent competition (speed) on Sunday, Büllingen-Robertville. Free paddling on Saturday or Sunday after the race. Freestyle paddling possible in the big hole halfway. It isn't the best hole, but very powerfull (Pic. Birdy last year)
1 October Opening of the Belgian Paddling Season Upper rivers in the Belgian Ardennes can be  paddled again, of course there are still restrictions => list 2 - NKB-site
6 - 7 October Rallye kayak de la Baie des Phoques Seakayakking event in Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, North France near Abbeville. (Somme-Tourisme) Also freestyle demo.
23-24-25 November Boatshow Deinze Canoe & kayak service (shop)
30 November
1-2  December
Boatshow Deinze Canoe & kayak service (shop)
Sunday used boat & gear sales
15 December Paddle Party Niel KRNS-Party

Agenda 2002