13 July - 2 august '99 : The Alps '99
         We started in France, paddling the Bonnant, the Doron, the Isére(2x).
Then we went  to Italy ,doing the Dora Baltea, the Grand Eyvia, the Stura di Ala, both in the Val Paradiso area and  finally the  Dora Riparia near France.
The last week of July we 've  been  in France, the Briançon-Guillestre area on camping la Fontaine. And paddled the Durance, the Rabioux included, the Guisanne ( just after the mud-flush that destroyed the nice part in Les Guibertes), The Guil ( Chateau Qeuras gauge, Ange Gardien gauge, Tripple Chute, Boîte au Lettres), the Bonne, the Ubaye (ex-infrans and the Ubaye gauge all the way into the Lake.)

        21      august : Polo tournament in the medieval center of Ghent (B). ( nice and wonderful place)
        21-22 august : Surfing in France (Somme) (unfortunately small tidal wave, due to low water)
       28      august :  Sadly not going with the White Water Warriors to Tilff near Luik (B).
        29      august :  Local polo tournament in Ghent on the Blaarmeersen. (heard it was great and sunny)
         5      sept. :  3e manche of the Belgian national "competition" in Veurne ( with or without us ? )
                                (without, went as a spectator and it looked good)
        11-12 sept. : 1.Topo Vénéon "Malafosse" in France, La Bérarde, only if I find a topo in time?
                                              Extreme party and Extreme paddling.
                                   For those who like party all night long and go the next morning side by side down some infrans.

F****ing great time, really great, except for Sunday morning ..., report will follow on this site
                                  (2.) Rodeo of  Thun (CH) (see playak.com)
        11 sept.          3.  Kayak tour through the medieval center of Ghent by night with torches.

        18      sept. : 1000 paddles in Luik, Liège. Meeting of all Belgian paddlers, flat water, white water, rodeo, sea kayak, polo, canadian, ... all. Show the world (especially Belgium) who we are. World record attempt to form the longest chain of paddlers. (nice seeing everybody again, freaky 7meter high jump, lucky I didn't win that Samurai!)
        25-26  sept. : 1. Rodeo on the Warche (B). ( Anybody got more info?)
There is a international competition of descending (speed), therefore there will be water on the Warche (artificial). Somewhere near the railway bridge is a playspot that is not so clean but very retentative, very. On Saturday there is free access on the river so everybody can train, thereby also rodeopaddlers. But beware, get out off the hole when a speed kayak is approaching, if not **%£¨:+++$$$**. On Sunday there is no access during the competition, but there is afterwards, I 'll probably be there from 15.00u 'till 18.00u? (had a great time, done my first 'no problem'-2-point cartwheels, almost a 3-pointer, funny to see some beginners get in the hole and being unable to get out, especially when a 4-meter-speed-kayak is coming down, as predicted)
                               2.  11éme Rallye international de la baie des phoques,  St-Vallery-sur-Somme (Fr)
Seakayak tour, slalom competition, rodeo by night. SATURDAY EVENING 20.45 rodeo at the barrage ( There might be a very little chance that I 'll show up there) (didn't go, maybe next year)
         1  oct.  : Opening white water season in Belgium, so let it rain !!!
        2 - 3   oct. : Amsterdam Playboat Festival 1999 !
International coastal rodeo in Holland, Wijk aan zee (N), for more info follow the link to the White Water Warriors homepage.
Let 's hope there 'll be some nice waves.
( And it was great, nice waves, lots of people, some world-top-10-paddlers, ... and a bit of rain.)
         16 - 17 oct.  : 3rd Eifel Rodeo, in Irrel (D) on the Prüm ( info: Josh Schröder, +49 6 53 42 48 )
( Had a great time Saturday, not much water, but enjoyed the show put on by some experts. Sadly I couldn't be there on Sunday when the competition took place.)
 Take a look at the Eifel Rodeo picture-report, for more pics and the results of the competition check out the White Water Warriors.
3 - 6  dec. : World Freestyle Kayaking Championships in New Zealand.

Worlds' best paddlers competing  in New Zealand on Full James wave on the river Waikato near the town of Taupo. INFO

        11 dec.    19u30  : White Water Video evening in Niel near Antwerp, Belgium.
Special video material has been selected in the USA for this evening. Everybody is welcome, entrance 200 bfr.
Place: Nielse Rupelsneppen Legastraat  Niel.(=>Antwerp, A12, near Boom)
  More info: mail Koen, tel 03-2318392

        25 - 26 - 27 dec. : Club weekend REWS in Beaufort, Luxemburg.
Let's hope there is lots of water on the Wiltz, Clerve, Our, Prüm and the Sure for some kayaking and  canoeing. If not, we 'll go walking in 'Little Switzerland' near Echternacht and maybe a bit canyoning in some of the gorges.
Follow link for short daily program - short tripreport

        15-16 jan. : Super Trio Tour by Team Fokiwa
They're playing in Bad Neuenahr on Saturday and in Irrel on Sunday. They're also going to take a look at the Enz- waterfall in Neuerburg and maybe they're crazy enough to jump. You wanna go, contact me, or visit their site. And yes, they were crazy enough, they jumped 3 falls, check the fokiwa-site.

        16 jan.: Visited the playspot at Donchery-sur-Meuse (Fr), known from playak.com.
Spot partly wave, more roller (rol, rouleau), 1m high, fast, not for beginners. 

        17 jan : Kayak on TV
National Geographic Channel, 21u00, Explorer's journal.

        28 jan : Paddel Party 2000
Mega kayak party in Neuss(G), Galopprennbahn, (near Köln)

        28-29 jan: BoatKayak-show Dusseldorf.

        12-20 feb: Belgian Boatshow, Flanders Expo Gent
Mega-yachts, cruisers, motorboats, sailing, surfing, million dollar boats and somewhere along the side some 2 guys selling tiny little canoes and kayaks. At least if the two big Belgian Kayakshops are going to be there? Vam-sport - Van Leeuwen Deinze and Delvaux Leuven. Url Boatshow==>>http://www.flexpo.be/boatshow/index.html

        18-19-20 feb: Adventure affair, Flanders Expo Gent
Outdoors-beurs, exotische reisbestemmingen, watersport, trektochten, bergtochten, expedities, gps, wetsuits, surfen, tenten, rugzakken, Ardennen, survival, zeilen, reisgidsen, ... ===>>http://www.flexpo.be/adventure/

              4-11 feb:  off with the board, skiing in Italy, yeeeegaaah

        11-12 march: Nieuwegein kajakbeurs (Nl)
New and 2nd hand boats and gear, ....

        15 march: Closing of the Belgian Paddling season
No more Upper-Lesse and lots of other little rivers, so from now on, only playspots...

        18-19 march: Rock in Cher (Fr) Cancelled
The rodeo is cancelled, due to no permission or not enough water?
All this after they already had changed the place of the event , so Rock in Cher 2000 won't  be held in Bléré approximetly 25 km downstream the Talifiau wave.
This was the old spot: Rodeo on one of the best 'waves' (rouleau-wals) in France, Vague Du Talifiau. Info on the site or in the agenda.playak.com. Info on the spot at playak.com St Aignan,  more in French at the Pirouette-site  on the spot, picky's and video's and in the gallery

        18 march: Hohenlimburg Rodeo (Germany)
info Freak Kajaks: +49 2325 35412, Lettmann Kajaks,  pics on the spot Fokiwa.com

        8-25 april: Easter holidays and kayak trips
During this period several rews clubmembers are planning some trips. A group is going to France, first stop will be the white water course St-Pierre de Boeuf, then follows the Ardeche.
Another group is also in France planning a couple of days near the Isere and the white water course of Sault-Brenaz.

        Saturday 20 may, 10u00-14u00 : Boatshow Niel, 2de Handsbeurs Kano-Kayak
Buy and sell 2nd hand boats and gear, ... not as big as Nieuwegein but still lots of stuff. (contact Niel clubsite).
Place: Clublokaal Kmrs vzw, Lagastraat, Niel. Once you 're in Niel, there will be signs to the club. 

        30 may - 4 june : Rews WW-weekend Austria
Some club members are going to Austria, Landeck area. If you want info or join us, mail me.

        1-12 june : Fokiwa tour
Our Dutch friends are planning their trip of the year, more info on Fokiwa.com

        28 june - 2 july : Freestyle-Kayak Pre-Worlds and Eurocup in Sort, Spain
More info on the pre-worlds' page.

          july - august : Euro-touring 
Lots of Rews club members traveling through Europe going extreme or ... Specially Slovenia, Italy, France.

        11- 15 august : Rews Clubweekend in Beauraing on the Canche (Fr) 
Lots of club members spending the weekend together, touring on the Canche, playing the local spot (playak.com).
A very unofficial, non-serious rodeo competition will be held on 14 august at 11 o'clock. Rodeo by night with light spots. The most stupid moves score the most, definably a joke. (REWS-site)

        2 September : Rews, Gent by night with torches.
Kayak tour through the medieval center of Ghent by night with torches.  (REWS-site)
Meeting point: 18u30, Club ship "Amiticia", Snepkaai, Gent.
Start: 19u30, paddling to Gent, 20u30 arrival at the "Gravesteen", the famous medieval castle.
Return: 22u00, lightening of the torches, paddling through the Medieval center of the city. (end 24u00)

        16 - 17 September : Topo Vénéon Trophée 2000
Extreme topo paddling, meeting high in the French Alps, great party, paddling and on sunday the famous head to head races down grade 5 rapids !!!! Organized by the 'Casques à Boulons', info on the TVT-site

        23-24 September : Kayak 'descent' competition on the Warche, Bullingen-Robertville. (RBKC)
This is a speed competition with 4m kayaks,  :-(   , but this means the hole in halfway has water. So during training, before and after the competition, you can play in the hole, on your own risk, so watch out for the titanic crashing trough the hole. Very retentative spot, not a beginners spot. But the rest of the Warche is pretty calm, grade I-II, with some nice easy beginner waves.  (The Warche has water lots of other days, but we don't know the schedule, more chance of water during the week.)

        Saturday 2 December - 20u00 : Vernissage - Opening night of the scale model kayaks exhibition  at Rews kayakclub Ghent 
That's at the Snepkaai in Ghent, club ship 'Amicitia'. The former president of the club, Walter Kesbeke, made lots of scale models of different kayaks, come, see and have a drink.

        Sunday 3 December - 14u-18u : Used - 2nd hand Kayak Trade fair - Canoe & Kayak Services - Van Leeuwe, Deinze Belgium.

        Saturday 9 December - 20u00 : Video-evening  kayakclub Niel
The club is in Niel in the Legastraat, somewhere south of Antwerp. info : kendokri@planetinternet.be

        23 - 26 December : Rews kayakclub Gent - Clubweekend Wiltz (L)
A hole bunch of people from our club making the Luxembourg rivers unsafe, the Clerve, the Wiltz, ... And of course there will be a little escapade to Germany, we couldn't leave out the Irreler Wasserfälle on the Prüm and the Nims and maybe the 5m fall on the Enz.

        20 - 28 January : BOOT 2001, International Bootshow  Düsseldorf
Daily 10u00 - 18u00, how to get there, prices and other info on there site BOOT 2001

        10 - 18 February : Belgium Boat Show 2001, Flanders Expo Gent
Daily 12u00 - 18u00, Friday 'till 22u00, weekends 10u00-18u00, how to get there, prices and other info on there site Belgian boat show 2001.  And maybe the international première of the new Eskimo Nano ...

        10 - 11 March : Nieuwegein kanobeurs (Nl)
New and 2nd hand boats and gear, ....Sportscomplex Merwestein in Niewegein Website

        31 March - 1 April : Rock in Cher (Fr)
French freestyle-rodeo contest in St-Agnan on the Cher, little info their Website, info on the playspot on Playak.com St-Aignan.

        27 April -7 May : Fokiwa tour 2001
Our Dutch friends are planning their trip to the Spanish Pyrenees, more info on Fokiwa.com

         3 - 5 June: Briançon FeSteve Alpes Kayak
Paddlefestival in memory of Steve, paddle in group together grade III-V, head to head race. Visit their site.

        End of June : World Freestyle Kayak Championship
The best of the world competing in the Spanish Pyrenees in the place Sort on the Noguera Pallaresa, more info 


          Possible dates of the French events for 2001
- le Rock in Cher: 31/03- 1/04
- Le Rodéo d’Estaing : 14-16/04
- Billy’s Freestyle 28-29/04
- le Roots Rodéo : 14-15/05
- Tabaze rodéo de Vinon: 2-3/06
- Lyon River Festival : 6-7-8/07
- Rabioux River Festival : 4-5/08
- Sault Brénaz Fever : 11-12/08
- Border Kayak de Bourg st Maurice : 18-19/08
- La Rigole du Diable : Octobre 2001