Trip Chili 2004-2005


Hye from Chili,

Got a last minute ticket to Chili, hesitated a lot but finally went for it. Sven Joos was also thinking of going and 5 days before  Christmas, after a lot of surfing, finally found a not too expensive ticket, off we were, yeehaa.

Departure in Brussel, lots of hassle, 'bout the boats, but there is nothing about kayaks in the Iberia baggage limitations, so a nice little lady at the check in phones for info and then says, "Patrick says there are within the 20 kg limits, ok, the kayaks can go". Once the boats were checked in, the big Spanish boss arrives, "no boats" he says, but too late, they're checked in, lucky usssssss.

In Santiago we waited one day for the bus to Pucon. Arrived and went immediately paddling with David Joos and a rafting company on the Trancura. Great stuff, flat, drop, flat, rapid... Mostly big drops 2 - 3 meter, follow your line and boof over the hole. Rapid nr 2, is more continuous and caught me of guard, the diagonal flipped me. I rolled up and just slipped next some big rocks, got out ok, yeehaa. The second time it got it right. Rapid nr 4, the same, I'm still too slow to paddle these short but continuous rapids. I missed the line and paddled straight onto a under cut rock, the one place you should avoid, but I held on and slipped over it, oef.

At night we got a place to sleep at Robbie's cabaña, an American, almost Chilean, paddler.

Pucon is really great, first a bit of rain, but then lots of sun, wonderful paddling and a great after-paddling bar, El Bosque. Hang out there and meet guys to go paddling with. There also met Roy and Casper lost of fun paddling with these smooth-talking Dutchies. They are doing a trip around the world and you can check there stories at 2guys3continents

Next day up, the Palguin, got a car from Thomas to go paddling, an American, we met at El Bosque, but he never paddled, Pucon's nightlife and girls are so dangerous for paddlers. But I'm sure he had a great time also.


The rover crazy old car strange steering, lots of fun, and the S6 trying to escape.


The Upper Palguin, wonderfulllll, high falls and not to big holes at the bottom, thanks to the great waterlevel. Sven and Casper even did some great freewheels here.

Chili, Pucon, Rio Palguin, January 2005
Paddler Birdy, photo by Sven


Chili, Pucon, Rio LLanquahue, January 2005
Nice boofing
Paddler Birdy, photo by Sven


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