1 july 2000

Pre-World Freestyle Kayaking Championships 2000 Spain
28 june - 2 july 
Sort in the Spanish Pyrenees  is the place to be. As the event approaches more info will be added to this page. We're sure it 'll be a great event, so stay tuned.
Here are the links for info on this years event, so far...
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Last December we had the worlds' in New Zealand, wanna' flashback?  

Kayakmag.com   -     Pre-Worlds 2000 Sort, Spain

Pre-worlds 2000 : The main site is Roc Rio Rodeo, Pre-Worlds and Eurocup.

News by Roc-Roi


Info, results, pics, prototypes, news, ...  on Kayakmag.com Pre-Worlds.     (Kayakmag.com main page)

Info on Peak UK.com

News by Roc-Roi

The Spot

Playak.com - Sort: Technical data by Playak.com. How is it? Where is it? When is it great? ...

Recent info on the spot: Paul 'Cheesy' Robertson visited the spot, here is his review (at the bottom of the news-page), 8 may. (Meltdown.Uk - Roc Roi)

H2O - Spanish National White Water association: Lots of pics on the spot.


National teams have to register before 11 june. Each team may have a possible maximum of 33 paddlers. But the entries in each category are limilted.
=>  6 k1 men and 4 k1 women, 3 c1 men and 2 c1 women, 3 k1 squirt men and 3 women, 2 c1 squirt men, 3 oc1 men and 2 women, 3k1 jumior men and 2 women.


RocRoi-site: The rules

Teams and Paddlers.

Info on the Canadian Team by Mark Scriver, also lots of info on the Worlds '99.

Eli Helbert's site, pre-worlds 2000. He is the open canoe world champion 1999, also nice view of an American visiting Europe and reports of the PLatting and Lofer Rodeo's.

Members the USA Team, mailing list playak.com

Kayakmag's Paddlers Profiles.

Side info

Sort Canoeing Festival Trip 1998: Large tripreport of an event in Sort back in 1998, by the Bristol Canoe Club

jan.2000 : Interview with Corran Addison, evaluating the past Championships on Outdoorplay.com and already criticizing the next pre worlds.

Birdy's Kayak Site