7 dec. '99

World Freestyle Kayaking Championships '99 New Zealand
1 to 5 December '99
And the winner is ...

Full James is the place to be for the moment (1 dec. '99), and if you're not there, I 'm not sorry for you, 'cause that means you're just not good enough. Only the world's top freestyle paddlers are having a go and only one can be WORLD CHAMPION. Here you can find any info you need to know on this event. 

On the web there are lots of sites that give instant info.  Just follow the links I've checked out for you.

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new jan.2000 : Interview with Corran Addison, evaluating the past Championships on Outdoorplay.com


The main sites that I've got info from are the official 1999 Worlds Homepage, the World Kayak Federation site and Kayakmag site.

Info on the playspot Full James where the Worlds' take place:
 1999 Worlds Homepage  info Short introduction on Full James. 
 1999 Worlds Homepage Location Where it is, how to get there.
Playak.com => Full James A bit of technical data. 
Pre-world Championships '98  by Mark Scriver at Watershed (open canoe defending champion) Good description, info on the left and right eddy, right side green wave, left side breaking wave, ... And also some info on playspots, rivers and falls nearby.  
Tripreport  of the  Whitewater Freestyle Pre-world Championships New Zealand 1998.

Pictures of Full James :
Watershed by Mark Scriver : Photo Gallery from the 1998 Pre-world Championships of Whitewater Freestyle by Mark Scriver. ( the spot Full James, other playspots, rivers and falls nearby.)
Kayakmag events Daily pictures form the practice sessions at the Worlds'
Gallery #1  Gallery #2, 11/29/99
Gallery #3Gallery 3a.-11/30/99
Gallery 4a,-Gallery 4b, Gallery 4c, Gallery 4d- 12/2/99
Gallery 5a, Gallery 5b, Gallery 5c, Gallery 5d -12/3/99
Gallery 6a
, Gallery6b - 12/4/99
Gallery 7a, Gallery 7b - 12/7/99
World Kayak Federation Somewhere on the site are the latest pictures, I've seen them but It seems that I can't to find them back. No problem 'cause there the same from Kayakmag

Schedule 1-5 dec. :
Schedule of the World Freestyle Kayaking Championships.

Scoring system :
Scoring system  for ’99 Worlds on the official site (27 nov. '99)
Scoring system by Kayakmag and World Kayak Federation (layout needs work - 24 nov. '99)
Scoring system  for the '99 Worlds' by the World Kayak Federation.
Scoring system  for ’98 Pre-worlds and ’99 Worlds by Mark Scriver.
Scoring system (not for the worlds but similar and understandable) by National Organization of Whitewater Rodeos 1999 (AWA)

Critical notes on the Scoring system:
Kayakmag events: Corran Addison and Rules Controversy Again??-11/30/99
World Kayak Federation Forum: Corran's proposal for modifying some rules
World Kayak Federation Forum: The reply by Jane Abbot

World Kayak Federation Forum: Discussions about the event (e.g. Corran's proposal for modifying some rules) 

Prototypes used at the Worlds': 
All the big manufacturers have designed new boats to compete in this event, some have recently been commercialized some are still prototypes.
Mountainbuzz site  1999 Outdoor Retailer Show Lots of  new boats and prototypes.
Kayakmag  prototypes More recent prototypes can be found at . Here you can find pictures taken during practice at the worlds.
Rodeo Playboating Italia Prototipi Wave Sport Foreplay, Prijon, Necky

Paddler and teams:
Kayakmag paddlers  profiles : Learn the who, what and where of the contestants participating
in the 99' worlds.
World Kayak Federation Teams : Introducing some of the teams and news from them. 
The Dutch Team : News straight from New Zealand by members of the Fokiwa Team on their site published by ies.
The Swedish Freestyle Team homepage  Whole page dedicated to the event, info on paddlers, New Zealand, results, ...  , lots of pictures and video's of  extreme river rides and freestyle rides (Only in Swedish)  


Click here for video 1
This is a link to our "Promo Video" for the 1999 World Championships. Please have a go at it.
If you do not have Real Player G2, you can download it for free at REAL PLAYER (G2)... make sure you choose FREE Player...

The WKF and Out-there.com say they 'll give a real-time coverage  at the end of each day of the competition.

Main Sites (that I've used)
1999 Worlds Homepage : The front page of the official site from New Zealand
World Kayak Federation WKF : Online info, teams, rules, press, forum ...constant updates (complex structure)
Kayakmag events Daily news and pictures from straight from the event, coverage on the paddlers, ... constant updates

Daily news
Tragic incident. Finals postponed one day (Kayakmag)
World Kayak Federation WKF : Online info, teams, rules, press, forum ...constant updates (complex structure)
Main news               Live report               News from New Zealand 
The Great Outdoors site :  Live coverage of the 1999 worlds rodeo Championships  
Kayakmag events Daily Report and pictures from straight from the event, coverage on the paddlers, ... constant updates
Playboating . com UK News from new Zealand.
Fokiwa Team Mials from the Dutch Team.
Riot Kayaks  Daily news from the Worlds'
Perception Kayaks Daily news from the Worlds'
Pirouette  info en Français

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