7 dec. '99

World Freestyle Kayaking Championships '99 New Zealand
1 to 5 December '99

It's over, heh heh, the first time I follow an event like this and the first time online from  the other side of the world. It was quite exciting, some nice coverage from the folks on the spot, a sad tragic moment, winners and losers,  ... It seems that Spain is chosen for the next Championships, from here that's just around the block, so maybe I just might be there, who knows ?  But finally, ...

new jan.2000 : Interview with Corran Addison, evaluating the past Championships on Outdoorplay.com and previewing the next worlds in Spain.

And the winner is ...

Men's K1 Final - 12/6/99

1 Eric Southwick (USA) WS-FORPLAY
2 Corran Addison (RSA) RIOT-SLICE
3 Steve Fisher (RSA) RIOT-SLICE
4 Rusty Sage (USA) WS-FORPLAY
5 Alex Nicks (GBR) NECKY-PYRO

Women's K1 Final - 12/6/99

1 Debs Pinniger (GBR) WS-X
2 Julie Dion (CAN) WS-XXX
3 Brooke Winger (USA) WS-Forplay
4 Aleta Miller (USA) Dagger-Centrifuge
5 Niki Kelly (NZL) Prijon(?)-Machine

Open Canoe Finals - 12/6/99

1 Eli Helbert (USA) SAVAGE
2 Paul Eames (NZL) SAVAGE
3 Brain Miller (USA) SAVAGE
4 Chris Harrison (GBR) SAVAGE
5 James Weir (GBR) SAVAGE

K1 Junior Finals - 12/6/99

1 Mark Birbeck (GBR) Dagger-Centrifuge
2 Brad Ludden (USA) Riot-Slice
3 Ethan Winger (USA) Perception-Arc
4 Stuart Molinsey (CAN) WS-Forplay
5 Andrew Spino-Smith (USA) Riot-Slice

C1 Final - 12/6/99

1 Paul "cheesy" Robertson(GBR) Pyranha-Inazone
2 Andy Nicholl(GBR) Riot-Slice
3 Cedric Courbis(FRA) Dagger-Centrifuge
4 Allen Braswell(USA) Perception-Arc
5 Brian Miller(USA) Pyranha-Inazone

Men's squirt final.

1 Andy Beddingfield (USA)
2 Clay Wright (USA)
3 Brendan Mark (CAN)
4 Tracey Clapp (USA)
5 Dan Gavere (USA)

Woman's squirt results.


Brooke Winger (USA)


Louise Wigmore (GBR)


Motoko Ishida (JPN)


Risa Calloway (USA)


Tracy Hines (USA)

All the other results can be found on the official site from Taupo New Zealand.

That's all for now, I know there 'll be lots of evaluating soon. And if I'm not mistaken, I hope to see you all in the village of Sort in Spain on the Noguera Pallaresa (Info Playak.com pics from H20 Spain) for the next Prelims. This will be fun, especially for the spectators. On this spot there are seats planned on both sides of the river which should have a capacity of 3500 spectators. This would be the first Rodeo Stadium of this size in Europe.