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    Belgian Boat Show - Gent Boat show in Gent Flanders Expo, better first check the belgian paddle shops if they are gonna' be there.
belgianboatshow.be bboats@flandersexpo.be
    Adventure Affair - Gent Outdoor fair in Gent Flanders Expo, outdoor trips, survival stuff, video presentations, climbing, diving, canoeiing, kiting, ...


  15 March End of Belgian paddling season No more paddling on upper creeks in the Ardennes!
  30 March WK Indoor Snowkayak Indoor ski paddle comp in Landgraaf , Netherlands, Kanoshop


  1 April Teva Playboat Outdoor Valley tevaplayboatcup.nl
  1 April Seizoensopening Nederlandse shops Events in Dutch shops Kanoshop & Arendbloem
  1 April Afdaalwedstrijd Rur Maybe paddling possibilities on the Rur, Monschau, Germany
  6-9 April Pasen/Eastern Saultbré Paasweekend / Eastern weekend lots of people go to Saultbre, Fr
  13-15 April Save the Rizzanese, Corsica Paddle meeting in Corsica, Fr. http://www.eauxvives.org/rizzanese/
  14-15 April Paddles Up Playboat event 'Halfweg Stroomgemaal' near Amsterdam paddlesup.waterwolf.net/ & tevaplayboatcup.nl
  21 April Beachparty Pingo Beachparty Pingo St-Amands-aan-de-Schelde
  29 April - 5 May World Freestyle Kayaking Championships, Ottawa The World's on the Ottawa, Canada, playspot Bus Eater or other spot depending on water level.
  28 April - 6 May Tessin paddle trip Paddle trip to the Tessin, Switserland & Piemonte, Italy


  5-6 May Metz Rodeo Freestyle Freestyle comp, Bassin de la Pucelle, Metz, FR
  12 May Watersportdag Vlaanderen  
  17 May Hemelvaart / Ascencion  
  20 May Slalom comp Warche Maybe paddling possibilities on the Warche, Butchenbach, B nkv
  20 May Teva Beach tevaplayboatcup.nl
  17-28 May Pyrenees paddle trip, Spain Paddle trip to the Pyrenees
  25-28 May Briançon FeSteve Alpes Kayak Paddle festival in Briançon-Pelvoux, really fun paddle meeting, paddling with friends grade III-IV, you're also free to paddle more heavy stuff , but you're not free to skip the party or the consequences. Website.
  28 May Pinkstermaandag / Lundi Pentecote  


  3 June Paddling comp Vesder Maybe paddling possibilities on the Vesder, Eupen, B nkv
  sat 9 June Niel, 2dehandsbeurs kajak & materiaal The club in Niel organizes their annual event for selling and buying 2nd hand boats and gear. Starts at 10 o'clock, 'till 14h. club rupelsneppen


  11-15 July Sjoa Paddle festival, Norway Paddle event Sjoa Norway
  July Norway paddle trip Norway paddle trip


  9-12 August Outdoor Retailer The Boatshow, Salt Lake City, USA, presenting the new kayaks for 2008


1 September  Gekko Fakkeltocht Gent Paddling with torches by night through the medieval center of the Ghent. gekkokajak.be/
15 September  Mava Mania Belgian Freestyle Paddling Event, Liège, Mava playspot nkv.be
  29 - 30 September Rallye de la Warche (B) White water descent competition on Sunday, free training on Saturday. Approx. 10m≥ water on the Warche between Butgenbach and Robertville, nice grade I-II descent with a playspot halfway behind the railway tunnel. ( NKV and RBKC )


  1Oct Start of the Belgian paddling season  
  13 Oct DWD tevaplayboatcup.nl



  1-9 December Paris Salon Nautique International de Paris Reed Expositions France
salonnautiqueparis.com nautique@reedexpo.
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